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The SALERI VITTORIO SRL was established as an Individual business in 1966. It became a general partnership in 1985, and a limited Iiability company in 1993.

The SALERI VITTORIO SRL has been making zinc and chromium iron castors, fixed and swivel, with different types of attachments : plate, stem, threaded stem, bolt hole.

It makes the majority of the wheels mounted on our castors, as well.
The wheels we offer are made of polyamide, polypropylene, synthetic rubber, polyurethane and vary diameter: from 50mm to 125mm.
The colours are standard or customised .

The meet the market demands and on the crest of a wave of good results, the company has been increasing the range of products and the production points.
At the moment we have an indoor area spread across 1700 square metres, divided into two productions units.

Thanks to its presses that produce every part of the event part of the supports and the automatic assembling lines, the SALERI VITTORIO SRL can rely on a high daily performance.

Thanks to our ongoing technological development and great flexibility, we are able to offer our clients tailored products that make us extremely competitive for quality and prices.

Our wheels for manual handling are employed in the followiing sectors : the community, hospital, the large-scale retail trade, furnishing and industry.

The SALERI VITTORIO SRL is present on all European markets and some extra European zones, as well.